Canon 40D + Lightroom Auto-Rotate

Cameras these days record the orientation of the camera when you take a shot, and write this into EXIF which is embedded into the photo. There seems to be a new way in which the 40D does it.Adobe Lightroom 40D Auto rotate

If anyone has attempted to import from 40D into Lightroom, they might notice that all the images are rotated 180%.

Windows picks up the correct way up, yet Lightroom simply doesn’t.

I hope Adobe will be quick to remedy this problem, as well as update the RAW converter to accommodate the 40D


Having a further look into it - I noticed this only occurs when you connect the camera directly to the computer, as opposed to extract the CF, and using it within a reader.

Also windows didn’t automatically rotate the photos when looking at them through explorer, so possibly this is a Windows Vista problem, and not Lightroom.

If anyone in XP or OSX can reproduce this - do post.

Update 2

After trying this with Lightroom 1.3 - the issue still persists.

Not fixed yet.