Slipstream VMware Video Drivers into Windows

Am currently working on automating WebSphere Portal install on Windows. I do not want Windows restarting the first time it comes up, whether its for installing VMware Tools, or any of its drivers.

What I require is to add the VMware Video drivers to the base Windows installation. This will work for XP/Windows 2003. You can easily integrate the drivers once you’ve found them with the use of nLite. The trick is in finding them.

First thing you’ll need is the VMware Tools ISO that we discovered a couple posts back.

Exploded VMware Tools ISO

NOTE: I rename VMware Tools[64].msi to vtools[64].msi

The next step is to extract the vtools64.msi which you can accomplish with:

msiexec /a vtools64.msi /qb TARGETDIR=c:\driver\
Extracting VMware Tools

After a few seconds, you’re done. By navigating to the Common64\VMware\Drivers\Video folder, you will find the vmx_svga.inf that you need for nLite as well as the vmx_svga.sys which is the driver. When it comes to nLite - just point it to the directory.

VMware video directory listing