By Example - Networks in vCloud Director

In order to demonstrate to some customers, partners and colleagues that haven’t had a chance to enjoy vCloud Director yet, I’ve recently prepared some videos which demonstrate how you setup a network within an Organization on top of vCD. They’re designed to be completely self-sufficient, so the ‘intro’ is re-used.

Direct Network

This is by far the most … straight forward way of providing your VM’s with an outside connection.

Routed Network

The elegance of vShield Edge allows you to configure DHCP, Firewall, and NAT IP Mapping through an easy to click-through UI. Be it for your Organization or vApp. Here I’ll show you how to setup a NAT-Routed vShield backed internal network.

Custom’ish vApp Network

There are environments that have already invested a lot in customizing their own DHCP server rules, Dynamic DNS registrations, reverse lookups, firewalls… the list goes on. In essence, here I can show you how you can re-use your current soft-router, and have it used within the vCloud realm.