Out of Office

I love to travel.

Am fortunate enough that in my role am able to do two awesome things: talk about technology and see new places. Yet exploration goes beyond taxis, hotel rooms and new office blocks; and has not been towards Argentina in detail.

Every now and then, the need to re-charge, or in this case deplete the batteries is an absolute must. I will be heading to South America for a total of 52 days with my mate - Rob and of the places I wish to visit, many have commented that I require at least 6 months to do it “properly”, I completely agree. The last thing I want to do, is to turn it into the trip many post-pubescent Australian’s take; the Contiki tours. 1-2 days in a city, get mashed, throw-up over self and some historic statues, then back on the bus, to do it all again and share the Australian ‘spirit’ with yet another unsuspecting European city.

I have two goals for this trip to be a success. First is visit Patagonia. Ever since spending a month in Buenos Aires in 2002, I’ve wanted to go further south, and see the glaciers, sleep in the mountains and hopefully, paddle through one of the lakes in a kayak. Lastly, drive through the Salt Flats in Bolivia, and a recent addition has been to do some mountainbiking around La Cumbre to Coroico. Anything else in between is a bonus.

Now to finish off the packing process. Although I can’t find too much space for socks and sweaters am certain that I will find a number of mountains in Patagonia that have never had a MacBook Air visit them.


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2011-09-03 03:42 +0000